My name is Brad Howard, I’m a video producer, video editor, and writer in New York City. I currently work as a Producer (News & Programming) for CNBC, focusing on digital video and the Bigger Picture long-form explainer series.

I previously worked as the Deputy Video Producer for the Opinion section of the Wall Street Journal.

I make political videos, and I know my way around both New York City and Capitol Hill. I have a deep interest and passion for international relations, and I know where to go to get experts that fit policy platforms, whatever the domestic or foreign policy issue.

As far as video production goes, I am well-versed with DSLRs of all shapes and sizes, cinema cameras (film and digital), professional audio recording equipment, and studio lighting.

I hold a M.A. in Film and Media Arts from The American University in Washington D.C. as well as a B.A. in Political Science from UNC – Wilmington. My articles have appeared in The National Interest, Business Insider, RealClearDefense and Yahoo News. I have also spent time working in post-production at The Smithsonian Institution, Discovery Communications, and WECT News.

I can shoot content, write content, and appear on camera or on a podcast talking about topics in a engaging way.

bhoward6065 (at) gmail (dot)  com